You never know what you will find in Frafjord

…well, you know you will find peace and tranquility, amazing beauty and a relaxing atmosphere which seems to put your mind, body and soul at ease. Stepping into Frafjord is  almost like stepping back in time; little has changed in this hidden gem, yet it is equipped with modern amenities and just got 4G last fall. Adventure awaits, the heart pulsates, then takes a pause to let you soak it all in.

Last week while combing the sandy shore we came upon this aquatic creature; it was unfortunately dead but we took to the opportunity to observe and appreciate. It is called a Pigghå (Squalus acanthias), and is a harmless, small shark common in these waters. They are not yet endangered, but like many shark (and other marine) species, are threatened by humans. Nevertheless, there are many in the area and will hopefully survive the plague of humanity.17521603_10155382269774410_1683726181_o.jpg

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