In love with Norwegian nature.

It is funny how my leap of love from Jæren to Frafjord, surfing the open ocean to gliding across the more tranquil fjords,  has opened up my eyes to the beauty in my immediate surroundings. Packed with a SUP on my roof, i realised SUPing the Jæren lowlands and midlands could be my new oyster. Google mapsContinue reading “In love with Norwegian nature.”

You never know what you will find in Frafjord

…well, you know you will find peace and tranquility, amazing beauty and a relaxing atmosphere which seems to put your mind, body and soul at ease. Stepping into Frafjord is  almost like stepping back in time; little has changed in this hidden gem, yet it is equipped with modern amenities and just got 4G lastContinue reading “You never know what you will find in Frafjord”