Prices & Hours

Summer hours:  Open every day during summer vacation. 

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SUP board and single kayak:  

225 kr one hour         275 kr one hour with wetsuit

360 kr two hours      wetsuit included

425 kr half day          wetsuit included

495 kr all day             wetsuit included

Family (double +) sit-on-top kayak:

 425 kr first hour        + 50 kr each wetsuit

 595 kr two hours       + 50 kr each wetsuit

 795 kr half day          wetsuit included 

990 kr all day              wetsuit included

Mega SUP (up to 7-8 adults): 

525 kr one hour  

695 kr two hours  

825 kr half day

975 kr all day 

*Wetsuit + 100 kr each with mega SUP

Wetsuit & boots without rental 150 kr (all day)Boots/gloves: 45 kr

Basic safety and instruction required and included. Life vests included in price. We are always onsite to provide our paddlers with assistance and the best customer service.

Contact us about discounted prices for larger groups, both in Frafjord as well as other paddling destinations.

We also offer introduction courses in both SUP and sea kayaking, as well as guided tours. Check our booking system or contact us for a private arrangement.

Frafjord Spa and SUP Combo: 2-3 hours paddling followed by an hour in the Månefossa Jacuzzi treated with therapeutic Dead Sea Salts, located right on the Frafjord River.  Price: kr. 879,-

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